9 Activities in Queenstown to Entertain the Whole Family

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Taking your family to the South Island for a holiday can sometimes result in quite the headache, especially if your household is big. After all, it can be very challenging to find the most ideal luxury family accommodation in Queenstown where everyone can relax and enjoy and where every member of the family has an exciting activity to do.

If you are planning to travel to Queenstown, Aspen House has got you well-covered! When you stay in our private villa, you will not have to worry about being stuck inside the hotel, wondering what fun activity to do throughout the trip. This article will serve as your guide in mapping out activities to entertain your family in the town.

1. Enjoying a hearty breakfast while watching Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkable Mountains.

Imagine sharing breakfast with your family in a place that guarantees peace and serenity. That’s like everyone’s dream family vacation, right? What’s more exciting in booking a stay at Aspen House is that you get to enjoy breathtaking scenery while filling up yourself with a sumptuous meal.

After taking a relaxing bath from our ensuite bathrooms, you can sit down at the dining table or the undercover patio that’s just steps away and decide on whatever you feel like eating. It’s like making the most of the luxurious pleasures of life with the people you love.

2. Sipping Fancy Cocktail or Champagne at Our Lounge Bar.

Having a nice drink or two is a very intimate activity to do with the entire family. You can comfortably sit in our open plan lounge bar while enjoying your favourite drink and talking about the things that you share an interest with.

In the event of a special occasion, you can set up an intimate dinner party at the bar area. You can also benefit from our special features such as a state-of-the-art sound system. Our concierge service can help you plan out a dinner party at a minimal rate. All you have to do is to tell us your preferences and budget and we will take care of the rest of the job.

3. Rejuvenating in the Private Sauna and Steam Room.

If you are seeking for relaxation while maintaining your wellbeing and beauty during a holiday, you can benefit from a sauna or steam room. The best thing about the facility is that it is part of Aspen House, which means you do not have to leave the house to look for the service and pay an extra amount just to use the facility.

A sauna session at Aspen House can serve as a perfect group activity that helps reconnect lovers, siblings, or friends together.

4. Getting a Massage Treatment at the Patio or the Spa Room.

There is nothing quite more relaxing than getting a massage while you are on vacation. To add up to the experience, having a massage at an undercover patio or the balcony is unbeatable. With the wonderful surrounding and the ultimate privacy that the villa offers, a massage treatment will provide you with an incredible relaxation. You can have a spa session booked by our villa concierge at a time that suits you.

5. Doing a Cookout

Our villa comes with clean kitchen tools and equipment that you can use to cook. If your family is into cooking, you can use our well-equipped kitchen to host a fun cooking competition. You won’t have a hard time getting the ingredients you need to make a great soup, pasta, or steak because our villa is close to the town centre. If you don’t have the time to drop by a supermarket, our concierge team is glad to be of service at a minimal rate.

6. Having a BBQ Party with Family and Friends

Aspen House goes beyond just providing you with a kitchen. Another great facility the luxury villa features is the modern barbeque place on site. You can grill some of your family’s favourite meals while enjoying the view of an awe-inspiring lake and a mountain.

You can hold your grilling dinner party in the balcony or just enjoy eating scrumptious meats by the grilling area.

7. Taking a Bath in the Hot Tub with Your Significant Other

There's nothing quite more relaxing and romantic than having hot bath time with your special someone. At our luxury villa, you can enjoy an intimate time with your significant other in the hot tub while drinking a glass of champagne.

To add up to the romantic atmosphere, you can turn on some classic tunes. No one can put a price tag on this wonderful and intimate experience.

8. Reading Magazines or Books in the Balcony

The magnificent views might be the wow factor of the luxury villa, but there’s more to that. The outdoor space is specially designed to cater to many activities, from yoga stretching in the morning to the grilling party during the night. The next best thing to do outside the villa, if you are not the sporty type, is to read a magazine or a book.

Reading in a relaxing environment helps readers concentrate more. Whether it is the refreshing wind by the patio or an outdoor mood that enhances the reading experience, an avid reader cannot deny that reading outside the villa is one of the top relaxing experiences anyone could enjoy in our villa.

9. Going for a Walk

Whether you come to Queenstown during summer or spring, you can enjoy a lovely hike around the town. You can stroll around Queenstown Gardens, have a jaunt around Bob’s Cove, or walk-up Queenstown Hill. Pack a lunch and enjoy the views of stunning mountain and lake sceneries!

Book a Stay at Aspen House and Start Crossing Off that List Today!

As you can see, there are many things you can do with your family in Queenstown, regardless of sizes and ages. The best part of all these experiences is that you are doing them with the people who matter most. So, what are you waiting for? Book your dream family holiday at Aspen House today.

For more information about our luxury accommodation in Queenstown, please visit our website www.aspenhousequeenstown.co.nz/.