Where to Stay in Queenstown for a Family Vacation

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Regardless of whether you are visiting Queenstown for a winter family holiday or a summer getaway full of adventure, this jewel in New Zealand has everything families need for a picture-perfect vacation. Exhilarating activities, gastronomic experiences, and breathtaking views are just waiting for you, your significant other, and your children.

To maximize your holiday experience, you need to have a comfortable place to stay. For a luxury getaway with convenient self-catering facilities, you only need to consider the best luxury family-friendly accommodation Queenstown.


1. Private Luxury Houses

Luxury villas have redefined the idea of family vacation accommodations ever since they entered the scene. As they offer luxuries and conveniences that other accommodations don’t, many travelers, especially families, choose to spend their holiday in these private properties.

When you book a private villa, you can ensure that all the members of your family are under one roof. The house/villa will have many bedrooms that are designed to let you sleep comfortably. Big dining areas and sitting areas that allow everyone to gather and dine/sit together. It is also very likely that the cost of booking a private villa for the whole family is much more practical than having to book several rooms at hotels.

If you want to stay in a vacation home nestled in a secluded area, Aspen House’s private villa will provide you with complete exclusivity, with concierge service allowing you and your family a sense of luxurious privacy 5 mins away from the Town. Staying in this luxury house/villa will let you enjoy first-rate amenities, such as generous king-sized bedrooms with beautiful linen and each with full bathrooms, fully stocked gourmet kitchen, outdoor hot tub, external balconies BBQ area, sauna, and an uninterrupted view over Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables. 

Certainly, you will have the best luxury family-friendly accommodation in Queenstown for your family to make the most of your getaway. Bring the whole family to Aspen House private villa, 34 Aspen Grove Fernhill Queenstown, and discover all that beautiful Queenstown has to offer.


2. Luxury Hotels

You want a unique, luxurious hotel experience on your family vacation in Queenstown. Well, it can definitely take your holiday experience to the next level. You will find yourself enjoying those thoughtfully designed lounge and public areas. You are safe because security tends to be very excellent at luxury hotels. Most importantly, the service you receive is exceptional. Of course, you can take full advantage of these when you have the money.

If your budget is short, you will end up with extra costs to have to join rooms for your children and their grandparents. You can never rest easy knowing that 5 people share the same room, and some hotels have a restriction on a number of people allowed per room and charge extra for an extra bed to be put in the room. Restaurant meals can be expensive and restrictive with mealtime service. Open spaces, such as sitting areas and spas, need to be shared with other guests, you also don’t have any laundry facilities, private lounge, media room, and kitchen that upmarket luxury homes/villas offer.

While there are many drawbacks when staying in luxury hotels, the experience is still packed with heaps of benefits, but often when you way up the price for a whole house/villa, with 4 bedrooms, for the entire family the costs are usually less than for just 3 luxury hotel rooms. You choose of course as the choice is yours.! But you defiantly have lots more your space, in a luxury house villa, stay in Queenstown.


3. Budget Hotels

If you are on a budget, considering getting a cheap and comfortable hotel that can make your trip or getaway possible. But there is so much more you can benefit from budget hotels. For the most part, cheap hotels are scattered around the town center. With this, you can easily find one in just a quick bus or walk into town.

Budget hotels allow you to stay longer, which means you can explore Queenstown more than initially planned. After a tiring adventure, the last thing you want to do is worry about what you can and cannot spend on your meal. You will not have to think about it because these hotels have a wide selection of food and drink options. 

Whether it be a week or a day before you leave, budget hotels are always on hand to provide you with last-minute options. Sometimes, families just show up to the place and get the chance to enjoy an affordable hotel. 

Regardless of what adventure you will be taking, heading into something with low expectations can lead to surprises.


4. Family Friendly Accommodation Queenstown

As parents, it’s best to meet some important practical needs when selecting an apartment for your family getaway. When evaluating the place you will be staying, you will always have extra concerns. However, you will rest easy knowing that Queenstown offers a few family-friendly apartments.

These apartments let families enjoy their own space: separate bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, and bathrooms. Amenities in most rooms include a cozy fireplace, satellite and cable TV, free WIFI. There is also storage space for your children’s toys, clothes, and other odds and ends in the apartment. 

With some careful browsing on the internet, you are certain to find the perfect apartment for you and your family. Weigh all your options and think about what your family really needs before making a decision.