Houses for Rent in Queenstown Everyone Should Check Out

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Planning to spend your weekend in the land of the long white cloud can be very exciting. This is especially true if you plan to go to Queenstown. Here, the possibilities are endless - providing a range of sights to see and activities to do for adventurers of all persuasions. However, it can be a little daunting if you don't know where you are going to be living.


Never fear. This blog will guide and help you get your living space for your weekend escape sorted. You'll surely live large in one of the best houses with comfortable rooms for rent in Queenstown.


Aspen House Luxury Villa


Melt all your stress away in this natural hillside paradise known as Aspen House. With breathtaking views looking over the iconic Remarkable Mountain Range and Lake Wakatipu, you'll surely be happy getting lost in the majestic beauty of Queenstown.


At Aspen House Luxury Villa, you can sit around a huge gas fire in a beautiful stone fireplace and get cozy. Or sit on one of the large outdoor patios and watch the TSS Earnslaw steamboat cruises across the lake. An inhouse sauna will help you get started with your day feeling relaxed.


Lakeside View


Wanted to rent in Queenstown, a place where history meets lakeside luxury? Aspen House at 34 Aspen Grove, Fernhill, Queenstown is perfect for you. With 4 bedrooms, all with full bathrooms all with magnificent views, you will definitely make the most of your getaway in Queenstown.


As you approach you'll feel that you're heading to someplace special and magical. Upon entering Aspen House, you'll be puzzled to choose which sitting room to relax in. Each bedroom has full ensuite bathrooms. It is also designed with comfortable bedding and quality linen TV slippers, dressing gowns, and toiletries, and has full concierge service.


There are numerous things to get excited about this rental house. But the thing about the house that will give you the break that you need is that it is treated to a spectacular view of Lake Wakatipu.


Business Travel Accommodation


If you want to take your employees on a team workshop or training, Aspen House is the most suitable venue. The house is in a private and quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre, so you get to focus on your activities or retreat. It has a separate office, with fitted desk with photocopy machine, and wifi across from a media room, with a smart TV for powerpoint presentations.


This luxury accommodation has four bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 media rooms, 1 kitchenette, laundry, dining room, sitting rooms, with lots of outdoor eating areas. A fully stocked stainless steel kitchen, with quality crockery, appliances, and cutlery. A pantry stocked with daily essentials, with a bar with quality glasses. The concierge service can also arrange for an in house chef, to do all/ some of your catering. Thoughtfully designed and crafted, has a hot tub and sauna perfect for a relaxing getaway with your colleagues. If you're after a peaceful yet luxurious corporate travel in Queenstown, you can't look past Aspen House.


Family-Friendly Holiday Home


With its amazing lake views, Aspen House will provide you and your family a place to rest after an exhilarating and tiring tour around the town. You just have to take a 20-minute walk through the bush or a 5-minute drive from the Queenstown Centre and you'll find the way to your resting place.


Make a barrister coffee in the bar area and enjoy it with your family while enjoying the stunning lakeside view, while the sun rises over the Remarkable Mountains and Queenstown. Feel the essence of breakfast pulling you from your bed to the open dining room to kickstart a great day. Dine in and out of the world-class restaurants surrounding the house, enjoy a bottle of wine on the terrace and soak up the dreamy, panoramic view from the balcony. All this is to make memorable time with your family at Aspen House.


Luxury Retreat


Do you want to move the boundaries between the kitchen, leisure space, and recreation zones away? At Aspen House, you can enjoy a more collective experience while having the best of space and comfort. Experience an exceptional kind of accommodation in this wonderfully welcoming home.


This luxury holiday house for rent in Queenstown is ideally situated to make the most of both New Zealand's wilderness and the up-to-date action at the local stores. If you want to have a peerless view of the Remarkable Mountains whilst taking pleasure in fun chill zones, huge dining table and space-age kitchen, luxurious living room, and some outdoor pursuits and lights, this luxury rental house is just what you are looking for.


Great Location, Excellent Accommodation


At only 4-minute walk from the bus stop, you can savour picturesque view that is mounted in an elegant contemporary architecture at 34 Aspen Grove, Fernhill, Queenstown. Set in the hills above town, you can see the panoramic views of Lake Wakatipu, Remarkable Mountains, and Queenstown.


The architectural design of Aspen House has taken full advantage of the spectacular setting. You can find and make use of an open-concept space. Additionally, there is a fully equipped kitchen with a breakfast bar, bar area, and a formal dining area and a living area. The living area features a stainless steel kitchen and an open plan dining area perfect for gatherings and entertainment. The villa's balconies will allow you to unwind and break free from being busy.


In going to one of the most visited places on Earth, it's important that you secure a living space. In such a way, you will get the most out of your weekend escape. Aspen House Luxury Villa, one of the best houses for rent in Queenstown, will give you a wonderful and comfortable getaway experience.