Epic Activities to Do in Lake Wakatipu

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If you are the type of person who loves adrenaline and adventure, all while staying around one of the most beautiful places in the Southern Hemisphere, then Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown, New Zealand is for you! 

Before starting an adventure in Lake Wakatipu, you have to look for a place to stay. Situated near the lake, Aspen House’s private villa is the perfect place to get away from the humdrum of daily life. At Aspen House, you can simply enjoy what Lake Wakatipu has to offer. 

Finding things to do in any other place would require some barrel-scraping. But when it comes to Lake Wakatipu, the challenge is getting everything down to a shortlist.

From exhilarating adventures on a cruise to a relaxing day out in the best Lake Wakatipu accommodation, this place is fizzing with more incredible sights and thrilling experiences than you can ever imagine.


1. Premium Canoeing and Kayaking, Jet Boating, and Jet Skiing

Whether you want to explore stunning rivers and coastlines or kayak on swiftly flowing whitewater river, you can do whatever you want to do on Lake Wakatipu’s top-end canoeing and kayaking adventures. The trips are available to suit different levels of confidence and experience.

Another popular tourist activity in the place is jet boating. If an adrenaline-pumping jet boat ride makes you happy, then hold on tight as you ride along the magnificent coastlines, around scenic lakes, or through marvellous rivers. If you want an enjoyable hands-on water adventure, then move your hands while jet skiing in Lake Wakatipu. 


2. Horse Riding and Other Thrill Rides 

Are you visiting Lake Wakatipu with your family? One of the best family activities you can do at the lake is horse and pony riding. This activity comes with a wide variety of options available, ranging from learning to ride for beginners to longer horse rides for the more experienced riders. 

If you’re bringing your little ones with you, the pony rides are for them. Alternatively, your children may be in high spirits to simply pat or hand feed the horses or ponies.

For exciting, heart-stopping fun, the amusement and adventure rides in Lake Wakatipu will give you an adrenaline rush you will never forget. 


3. Adventure and Aerobic Flights

Coming to this inland lake means experiencing mind-blowing adventure flights and aerobic maneuvers. When you join a professional aviation expert in your journey to Southern Island, you will be taking adventure flights to a whole new level. 

Some adventure and aerobic flights may be tailored to your aspirations. Whether you opt for a smooth ride or you want a more dynamically adventurous flight, you can enjoy whatever you want. 

Some flights may offer you the controls. In that way, you can most definitely enjoy the feeling of soaring and gliding.


4. Hydro Attack Shark

The Hydro Attack Shark in the blue waters is a fun and bloodcurdling activity. The enclosed jet ski-like machine will have you shooting across Lake Wakatipu at up to 80 kph before diving down underwater at 40 kph. This truly epic activity will give you a distinctive view from both on and under the water.

Once the machine dives beneath the crystal-clear waters, your driver will take you back to the surface. In one swift motion, you will leap from the water with power and excitement, sending the Hydro Shark Attack into the air before landing back on the lake.

Invite your friends and experience this great and unforgettable activity together. 


5. Gliding and Paragliding

One of the best ways to discover the scenic places around Lake Wakatipu and in the surrounding areas is through incredible paragliding or hand gliding. 

If you are just starting with this activity, join the finest tandem paragliding to experience the thrill of flying. For an extreme paragliding adventure, do it by yourself. Be one with nature on a hand gliding flight. 

This unmissable adventure will bring you up in the sky to see the spectacular scenery of the Southern Hemisphere. Experience pure bliss mixed with adrenaline as you soak up some of the most breathtaking views on offer in Lake Wakatipu.

After soaring above the clouds for several minutes, you will descend to the landing zone safely, where you can have a ball at the fantastic memories you created.


6. Boat and Yacht Charters 

Nestled on the shores of Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu is surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and has crystal waters that draw visitors from all over the world. You can ride boat and yacht charters to tour around this marvel of nature. 

There are various tour options available. You can create experiences worth remembering with your family, friends, or yourself as a solo adventurer. Charters can cater up to 40 passengers, so you will be able to meet other people and know inspiring stories from all walks of life. 


7. Cruise Ride

Lake Wakatipu has a variety of tour offerings. The one that reflects Queenstown’s reputation as a haven for the adventurous is gliding along the lake on a catamaran cruise. When it comes to activities to do in Lake Wakatipu, there’s nothing more magical than being on a cruise ship. 

If you are seeking serenity, you will be pleased to cruise aboard a vintage steamship while taking in the view of the Remarkables mountain range. You can enjoy a comfortable cruise trip on a spacious and state-of-the-art catamaran. To keep a memory of this once in a lifetime experience, take panoramic photos from the open-top viewing deck. 


8. Private Villas Accommodation 

There’s no better way to end an adventure-filled day than to spend the night in a comfortable and private place. Aspen Grove’s best villa at 34 Aspen Grove Queenstown is the perfect place to finish off your adventure in Lake Wakatipu. 

With big common areas, you can call out to your family or friends to gather around, sing some songs, drink a glass of wine or two, and talk about your epic adventure at the longest lake in New Zealand. 

As the best Lake Wakatipu house queenstown, you will feel like you have a whole, secluded paradise to yourself at Aspen House. Book Aspen House luxury villa today and prepare to enter a whole new world. 


Your Next Adventure Awaits! 

Lake Wakatipu has something to suit everyone. Visiting the place and enjoying all the activities it has to offer is a must-do for every visitor. Now that you have a gist of what awaits you here, we’re sure that you’re now packing your things up and getting ready to fly to the beating heart of Queenstown.