Top Reasons to Stay in Luxury Accommodation in Queenstown

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Over the years, the travel industry has changed. The luxury experience of 5-star hotels that people once craved has slowly been replaced with accommodations that focus on wellness, independence, and privacy.

So, it is hardly surprising that private villas have become the trend. These rental homes have offered travellers more than just mere luxury. They allow you to access local stores, enjoy awe-inspiring sceneries, and experience a vacation like no other.

If you are looking to book a luxury accommodation in Queenstown for your next travel, Aspen House’s private villa is a great choice. In this article, you will find out the top reasons that should convince you to choose a luxury villa for your next trip.

Exceptional Service at Incredible Rates

When you travel with your family and friends, you will probably find that luxury hotels can compete with the value of money you spend on renting a luxury villa. However, the notion that hotels offer the best rates is just one of the most common misconceptions about luxury accommodation south island nz.

Whether you want to book two bedrooms or more, the room rates of a private villa are often more affordable than a 5-star Queenstown hotels. Its great services don’t stop there; it is just the beginning.

Upon checking in, expect to have a personalised tour around the property. You and your group will learn how to properly operate or control self-contained facilities and amenities through the guidance of the property management team. The team will show you the surrounding areas, make restaurant recommendations, and patiently answer all your questions.

Regardless of the size of your family or group, a private villa can cater to your needs. So, don’t waste your time looking for luxury hotels with the same value as private villas. Luxury homes Queenstown New Zealand have so much more on the plate.

Desirable Location and Ambience

When you choose to stay at Aspen House’s private villa, you can guarantee that you will be situated in an incredible location. The stunning seascapes of Lake Wakatipu and the sensational mountain ranges of the Remarkables will be waiting for you.

Any private villa would invite you to feel pampered, relaxed, and refreshed. You don’t have to share a space with a friend or a family member because luxury homes have plenty of rooms. A definite perk of having your own space is that you experience the promise of an escape to a private haven.

Without the crowd, nothing beats the perfection of having a vacation at a beautiful location. As luxury villas in Queenstown offer more secluded locations than any other forms of accommodation, you will enjoy a comfortable distance away from the tourist trail. Of course, hotels offer scenic locations too. But private villas don’t have a hectic atmosphere that can dampen the most pleasant of views.

Larger Spaces for Bigger Groups

When you book a hotel room, you need to jump from one room to another to access common areas. With the intrinsic sense of space that villas offer, which may even be more than you’re used to at home, you will no longer have to jump between rooms.

A private villa has an open kitchen, grand living room, and a professionally designed outdoor pavilion that you and your family can take advantage of. When you’re lucky to choose a villa from a great location, you’ll not only enjoy the view of the elegant interiors, but also the gardens, balconies, and spacious bathrooms with baths overlooking nature.

Ultimately, the large and exclusive common areas will give you quite moments with your family and friends after a day of adventure in the great outdoors.

Privacy No Luxury Hotel Can Match

One of the biggest reasons why you should stay in a private villa on your next vacation is the privacy it offers. Most private villas are in the premiere area of your dream destination, leaving 5-star hotels a zero chance of beating them.

When you decide to stay in a villa, you and your fellow travellers will have the whole property to yourselves. With that, you can guarantee that you will have peace and serenity. Moreover, the exclusivity of your own residence means that there will be no obnoxious neighbours and other travellers to share common spaces with.

Personalised Luxury Accommodation in Queenstown

A luxury villa is a perfect place to make unforgettable memories. When you decide to stay in a private luxury home, you have the freedom to travel to your own beat. And that, dear travellers, is a level of customised travel experience that hotels just can’t match.

Essentially, staying in a private villa is like having your own private hotel, where you can personalise your experience entirely to your tastes.

If you are travelling to unwind, you may choose a villa in a secluded location with an ensuite spa. If you are booking a family trip, you may look for villas that have many bedrooms, big common areas, and game rooms or other entertainment areas.

As guests at a private property, you are free to set your own schedule. You don’t have to worry about what time you and your family finish a meal or how much time you take in resting in the patio. Everything is on your time.

Choose to Book Aspen House’s Private Luxury Villa for Your Next Getaway

There are endless reasons why you should stay in luxury homes to rent during a vacation. Based on what’s listed above, you can conclude that you get so much more in a homey type of accommodation.

If you are planning to take a trip to Queenstown, think about renting our exclusive luxurious comfortable private villa at 34 Aspen Grove Fernhill. As one of the most talked-about luxury accommodations in Queenstown, we are happy to give you more reasons to stay in our villa.

Booking our private home has become easier than you think it is. Head on over our website and seek help from our accommodating staff. Get in touch with us today and book your next holiday at Aspen House. We are partnered with Touch of Spice. Visit our website for more info.