Best Luxury Holiday Home Rental in New Zealand for the Ultimate Vacation

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When planning for the ultimate vacation in Queenstown, New Zealand, it is important to make sure your vacation rental is ready for your family or friends. Every year, many people travel to Queenstown to make the most of their holidays with the people they love. As soon as you started planning, secure a vacation rental right away.

To experience a worth-remembering holiday, it is ideal to consider luxury holiday houses in New Zealand. When you book a stay at Aspen House, you’ll not only enjoy an exceptional stay, but you will also have a great holiday experience for your family or friends.

Getting the best vacation for your loved one goes beyond supplying a couple of sitcoms classic DVDs. Improving the overall holiday experience means going extra the mile and choosing Queenstown’s house rentals accommodation is one.

If you are still having second thoughts on booking a private villa for your vacation, this article might change your mind.

Features That Luxury Rentals Take Pride In

A family or a group of friends is a great demographic for any rental property. A private villa is appealing to families or groups because of the important features they have.

Safe Neighbourhood

An important feature of luxury homes is a safe neighbourhood. When you book a stay at Aspen House, you can rest easy knowing that there are no criminal activities in the neighbourhood. Staying in a place where a lot of break-ins happen will only ruin your chance to a great holiday. Instead of spending quality time with your loved ones, you’ll find yourself looking out for burglars and deterring crime.

Families and other groups want to feel safe and want to make sure they are in a secure environment. Staying at Aspen House will provide you with great peace of mind.

Fenced-In Backyard

Most holiday houses for rent in Queenstown have their backyards fenced in. This is to cater to the needs of families who bring their children with them. A fenced-in backyard will provide parents with peace of mind. They will feel good about letting their children play around without worrying.

If the property that you are looking in does not have a fenced-in backyard, you may want to look into the cost to see if it’s worth booking, especially if you have children.

All the Comforts of Home

After a tiring yet satisfying tour around the astonishing Queenstown, all you wanted to do is rest in a place that provides comfort. Aspen House is just what you are looking for. The private villa has four bedrooms decorated with comfy bedding, and all these rooms all have ensuite bathrooms.

What else would you be searching for? A hot tub? A barbeque place? A media room? A balcony? Sauna rooms? Name them all! Aspen House will spoil you with a luxurious treat.

Residential Concierge

Do you think booking a concierge is solely the domain of the rich and famous? It's time to think again. At Aspen House, a concierge service is available to every customer. With this feature, you will take the stress out of planning your holiday and relieve you of organising the nitty-gritty details. From dining and events to travel and tours, you will simply take the hassle out with a dependable concierge service.

Make the Most of Your Holidays

Ready to book a stay at Aspen House? The place will be your own private piece of luxury. While some people treat luxury homes like a hotel and see it as nothing more than a place to stay, you should know that the concierge service can help take things to the next level, at a minimal additional cost.

They will send you a driver who knows where they’re going.

Great holiday houses in Queenstown can be hard to find. A desirable luxury villa will provide you with a driver who has a commendable address system. When a private villa arranges your airport pick up, you will get that comforting feeling that comes with seeing your name on a sign in the arrivals hall and knowing the driver has everything under control.

They will organise an event for you.

While most luxury holiday houses in New Zealand can arrange a barbeque party for you, some can organise a special event like your birthday. All you have to do then is tell them what sort of event you want to have, how many people you’re planning on sharing the big day with, and how much budget you’d like to work with. They’d come back to you with the best options.

They help with the kids.

A concierge team will not do the babysitting themselves, but they can hire a nanny for you. To help them keep safe, make sure there are pool fences and baby gates. The team may also organise a car seat, stroller, baby bath, play mat or anything else you don’t want to bring on the plane.

They organise a massage.

Massages and luxury retreats should go hand in hand. When you are ready for a little pampering, there’s no need to deal with the outside world. If the villa does not have its own spa menus, you can always ask the staff to find and get the best person for the job.

They recommend and book a table at a restaurant.

As much comfortable as it is to stay in your own little villa bubble, it’s good to explore world-class restaurants, cafes, and cocktail bars Queenstown has to offer. If you tell your villa staff the sort of things you like, they will make a personal recommendation and book a table. They might even have special deals or discounts that they can share with you.

Book the Best Luxury Rental in Queenstown!

When looking for a luxury home rental in New Zealand, choose Aspen House! There’s a lot more to our luxury accommodation south island NZ than you know. Not every villa will be able to do everything, but you will be pleasantly surprised by our premium quality service at Aspen House. Book a stay today and map out your travel plans with our team! Visit our website at for more information. We are partnered with Touch of Spice.