Everything You Need to Know About Luxury Holiday Houses

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Over the years, the travel industry has gone through a lot of changes, from planning the travel down to choosing which places to stay. The good thing is that the world of travel accommodation has changed for the better. The luxury holiday houses Queenstown in New Zealand has become every group travellers’ favourite.

Aspen House is an amazing place to stay for families or groups of friends travelling to Queenstown for a holiday. As the private villa features many amenities that no other accommodation has, you will never run out of fun things to do.

In this article, we have put together some of the most important things you need to know about the leading travel accommodation today. As such, you can make informed decisions when you are booking a place to stay.

Introducing Aspen House: A Clear View of the Best Luxury Accommodation in Queenstown, New Zealand

It is a fact that our private villa is a big house, but it is not the most accurate description of the term. The house is an important part of our villa, but not what defines it.

The term “villa” is incredibly old. It was first used by the Romans to describe a luxury house that only nobles and aristocrats lived. The concept has slowly changed. Today, anyone can enjoy the luxury our private villa offers.

Our villa takes pride in providing travellers with various amenities and facilities, such as an undercover patio, barbeque place, fresco area, yard, stunning views, and many other additional features.

Looking into the Things That Qualify Our Villa as “Luxurious”

Aspen House is a luxurious place to stay because it offers a whole different level of extravagance. The house itself is big, and each detail (feature or decoration) speaks elegance and luxury. When talking about elegance, there is a yard inside the villa that no other type of travel accommodation can offer.

The private villa has been thoughtfully planned by award-winning building designers, providing a nod to classic and modern architectural techniques. If you visit the place, you can see the decorations that look as if everything is the physical manifestation of class and style. Plus, the accommodating staff is always ready to take care of your every need.

Understanding the Main Differences Between Villas and Hotels

Plenty of travellers still choose hotels over villas when booking a place to stay on holiday in New Zealand. So, it is fair to see the major differences between these two travel accommodations.

Any traveller who has stayed in a villa and a hotel can say that they are both great accommodation options. However, one can tell that they are different in many ways. Aside from the unique experience each of them provides, here are some of the most crucial aspects that set villas and hotels apart:

The Capacity

You must consider the space that you require from a travel accommodation before going on a trip. This is especially important if you are travelling in a group. Even if a room in a 5-star hotel can be quite large, its space does not compare to how spacious a moderately-sized villa, like Aspen House, can be.

If you are planning your ultimate vacation in Queenstown with many family members, booking a full villa over a hotel room is the most ideal choice. By booking Aspen House, you will not only enjoy a a bigger space, but the beautiful views as well.

The Privacy

In hotels, you will find a lot of people you don’t know. Even if everyone stays in their quarters, for the most part, you have to share the lobby or other common areas of this accommodation. You might not be as relaxed as you planned it to be when you meet with other guests in these communal spaces.

Moreover, staying in a hotel room means having to be considerate towards other guests as well. You have to make sure that you are keeping the noise down and keeping yourself and your fellow travellers from doing everything as you please.

If you choose to stay in a villa, you will find that the place is meant for both fun and relaxation. Our private villa is perfect for people who are travelling together. We have just enough staff to serve all their needs. You can freely make yourself more at home, without worrying about being bothered by strangers.

The Design and Facilities

While both accommodations have their own unique charm, hotels cannot beat villas when it comes to architectural design. While villas are not restricted by the standards set by hotel chains, building designers have to be more flexible and creative to give out the luxury experience they take pride in.

To top that, the facilities at a villa are smaller compared to hotels. So, it is much easier to clean and maintain the place.

When you stay at Aspen House, you are assured that every corner and every surface are thoroughly cleaned.

The Pricing

It’s true, a luxury holiday home rental in New Zealand is more costly than a hotel room. However, the price is within good reason. When you are travelling with a large group of people and privacy is your top concern, a private villa is worth your money.

Even if the prices are the only reason, staying in a hotel may be a better choice if you are travelling alone or you are not planning to stay for long.

Choosing Aspen House as Your Accommodation in Queenstown

When you are looking for a luxury holiday accommodation in Queenstown rental in New Zealand, there are several factors that you need to consider, including the price, the size, the views, and the additional features that they offer.

By booking a stay at Aspen House, you will truly make the most of your holiday. Whether you like to go bathing in the hot tub first thing in the morning or you want to enjoy amazing views while eating breakfast, we have got everything covered.

All you have to do is to call us directly to make reservations and know what to expect from the service you are booking. You may also visit our website www.aspenhousequeenstown.co.nz/ for further details about our amenities and services.